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Best Rest of Greece Independent Dental Cosmetic Clinic 2020-2021-2022

Perfect Smile Clinic

With the most modern equipment

The word cosmetic in dentistry means a treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance. Every patient we treat has a different interpretation of what a ‘cosmetic smile’ should look like on them. Some of our patients want perfect white teeth, whereas other patients want a few rotated or stained teeth to ‘blend’ in to the rest of their smile appearance. The fact is, this decision should be made by the patient however, sometimes it is difficult for them to visualize the different options available to them before the treatment is done.

Our Dentists will discuss how you can achieve your perfect smile. A thorough assessment of your dental health using clinical examination, x-rays, photographs and an intra-oral digital scan will be carried out. You will be given a report detailing all of your treatment options. At Perfect Smile Clinic we understand how important it is to know the total costs before you proceed. We will ensure we discuss everything with you and provide a cost effective plan.

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